I live downstream of Truax Field in Madison, AKA Dane County Regional Airport. So I've spent a lot of time on that particular mess. Other sites I have looked at either are particularly bad or I know someone who lives there.
This is not PFAS 101 and I am not attempting to duplicate a lot of information you can get elsewhere. Mostly I am trying to make sense out of site investigation workplans and reports. These tend to be complex. I find myself learning new things each time I revisit one.

My objective is to fill in some of the gap between these reports and what you see in news stories and on municipal websites which are intended for 8th grade readers. My target is the motivated reader who is willing to spend the time to understand them and who could use some hints.

I try to sprinkle some of the better resources I have found to illustrate the concepts. Often these come in the form of slides from presentations.

Having trouble with the technical jargon? Try looking at the images. I learn a lot from them. If you see something interesting, you can always do a web search on the terms to get a better handle.

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Finding the Reports
The Wisconsin DNR maintains a database for documentation on contaminated sites called BRRTS (Bureau for Remediation and Redevelopment Tracking System).

You can search it here. Some hints: